2017 End of season supper

Chester Croquet Club marked the end of another busy and successful season with a supper and trophy presentation at Chez Jules on Monday evening, 20 November. Awards were presented by chair, Sarah Andrew, at the end of the evening.

Trophy winners awarded during the evening were Mark Lloyd (Fletton trophy advanced AC); David Boyd (Mason Cup handicap AC); Sally Slater (Hasting Wang bowl AC short lawn); Mike Falla (Rabbits trophy AC); Chris and Sally Slater (Hermitage golf doubles trophy); Liz Subramanian (Mollie McBride RAT trophy GC); Pat Kelsall (Peter Bingham award GC); Val Sanders (most improved player AC) and Jill Foley (most improved player GC).

Winners of competitions played during the season who received their trophies at the time were Sandy Finchett-Maddock (Christine Long trophy GC); Paul Taylor (Hasting Wang GC singles) and Doreen Leece (Hibiscus trophy AC short lawn).

Mark Lloyd (left) receiving the Fletton trophy and David Boyd (right) receiving the Mason Cup
Left: Sandy Finchett-Maddock and Dorren Leece, winners of the Christine Long golf croquet and the Hibiscus short lawn association croquet competitions, and Right:: Paul Taylor, winner of the Hasting Wang Golf singles competition, all played during the year
Doreen Leece (left) receiving the Hibiscus trophy and Sally Slater (right) receiving the Hasting Wang bowl for short lawn association croquet
Val Sanders (left) and Jill Foley (right) receiving awards for most improved players for association croquet and golf croquet respectively

The club had some good results in NW Federation leagues, winning the midweek handicap AC league and coming second in the golf handicap league and the level play golf croquet league.

Individual succesesses during the season were:

  • Sally Slater  winner of the NW Federation Millennium short croquet tournament at Chester on 14 May
  • David Boyd  winner and Trevor Farrell  third in the Northern Area B Level golf croquet tournament at Bury on 9 July
  • Garry Greenwood  winner and David Boyd (wearing his Tattenhall colours)  runner-up in the National Level Play Golf Croquet Tournament at Chester on 6 August, and Jayne Taylor winner of the Telfords Plate
  • John Dawson  runner-up in the Advanced B Level tournament at Bowdon on 18 September
  • David Boyd runner-up in the final of the All England B Level golf croquet tournament at Southport on 7-8 October