2020 Christine Long Tournament

On a beautiful sunny day on Sunday, 13 September, the annual Christine Long golf handicap tournament was held at Chester. 12 players were divided into two teams of six and, during the day, each team member played each other. It was a close run thing. In team A two members had each won four games, with Edward Baskerville winning more hoops and therefore going forward to the final. In team B there were three members who each won four of their games, but with an aggregate score of 33 hoops Sally Slater just made it into the final. The final was a good game, with Edward Baskerville beating Sally Slater and winning the tournament 7-4 to take home the cup and painting. The tournament was organised by last year’s winner Sam Seal.

Edward Baskerville and Sally Slater playing in the final
A socially distanced line-up of the competitors at the end of the tournament
Sam Seal, centre, with the two finalists, Sally Slater, left, and Edward Baskerville, right, and Edward holding the winner’s trophy and painting