Local Derby versus Tattenhall

Inter-club, competitive croquet, along with many other sports this season, has pretty well stalled completely because of  current restrictions. It is not that actually playing croquet contravenes rules about social distancing, even with four players on a 28 yard x 35 yard croquet lawn they can stay well separated (and in croquet it is not usual for players to to converge in a huddle after scoring every point), but it is travelling to play away matches that is the main problem as distances between croquet clubs are such that teams of four usually share transport.

However, having two croquet clubs as close as Chester and Tattenhall allowed members to travel separately and at least gave them the opportunity to arrange a ‘local Derby’. So, on Friday, 11 September,  Chester hosted a friendly handicap golf croquet match when two separate teams of 4 from each club played the two matches under league rules (excluding the doubles games), giving each player 2 singles games in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon. After a pleasant day on the lawns, whilst observing all the current restrictions but at least with no rain, the final reckoning of the two closely fought matches gave Tattenhall the edge in both with two 9 points to 7 wins.

It is hoped that a return match can be arranged at Tattenhall before the end of this season.