2022 Southport Festival

Last call for Southport!

This is a reminder that if you would would like to join one of the Chester teams at this year’s Southport Festival over the weekend of 25-26 June), you need to contact either:

For the AC events     Robin Tasker

For the GC events     Jayne Taylor

by this Wednesday, 25 May, at the latest.

Details of the Festival are shown below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Robin Tasker

23 May 2022

Southport Festival of Croquet, 25-26 June

The Southport Festival of Croquet takes place over the weekend 25-26 June 2022 and the detailed programme has now been released.

The following events are scheduled:

    • Advanced rules AC: teams of 2 players playing doubles games (6 rounds)
    • Handicap AC: teams of 3 players playing 18-point singles and doubles games with adjusted full handicaps played to a base of 6  (5 rounds)
    • Short lawn AC: teams of 3 playing 14-point matches comprising of one doubles and one singles games played with gross handicaps (ie no base)  (8 rounds)
    • Level Play GC: teams of 2 per game doubles pairs 13-point games  (14 rounds)
    • Handicap GC: teams of 2 players per game – doubles pairs playing 13-point games with extra turns determined by the difference in full handicaps (14 rounds)

Chester can enter a team into each event, and can bring larger team squads for each event substituting players for different rounds of the competition. So this gives plenty of flexibility around playing, watching and generally catching up … !

If you’d like to take part on either day, or indeed both days,  please can you e-mail:

For the AC events     Robin Tasker

For the GC events     Jayne Taylor

as soon as possible, and certainly no later than Wednesday, 25 May, stating the event you’re interested in playing and the day(s) you’re available.

Lunch and tea, paid on the day, is available; and if you’d like to enjoy this food then please indicate in your reply.

Many thanks

Robin Tasker

13 May 2022