2022 Early Bird Golf Doubles

Early Bird Golf Doubles Competition cancelled

Sadly I have decided to cancel the Early Bird Doubles this Saturday.  We have only 6 contestants, which is not really enough to make a decent doubles competition.  There is a lot happening at the moment, and I appreciate that people have a life outside croquet !  It may be possible to try again later in the season.  I will see if there are any dates available.  If not….there is always next year !

And of course there is a fun day on Sunday;  I hope it goes well and the sun shines.  I cannot be there this Sunday, I am afraid,   croquet calls elsewhere.

Jayne Taylor

20 May 2022

Calling for more players!

The Early Bird Doubles Competition is due to be held on Saturday, 21 May.  This is a GC doubles competition for high handicaps (11’s and above) .  So far we have only seven people signed up for this.   We need a few more !

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to join in.  You do not need to sign up as a pair.  These are selected randomly on the day.  It would be a shame to cancel it.

Jayne Taylor

14 May 2022

This year’s Early Bird Golf Doubles Competition

Calling all golf croquet players with high handicaps (ie 11 and above).  This year’s Early Bird Golf Doubles Competition will be held on Saturday, 21 May.  Partners will be allocated on the day, so you can sign up singly.  The length of the competition will depend on the number of entrants.  There is a maximum limit of 16 participants and we need to have at least 8 entrants for the competition to take place.

Please let me know if you wish to take part or sign up on the form which is displayed on the GC noticeboard in the pavilion and provides some further information.

This is an ideal competition for the new members who joined last year to take part in , alongside established members with a high handicap.

It’s just a bit of fun really !

Jayne Taylor

24 April 2022