Mary Rose sinks at Bowdon

The sun shone throughout. It was the hottest day of the year in the North West. But it was not a glorious day for Chester. On Sunday, 18 July, Chester played away against Bowdon in the second round of the national Mary Rose competition for advanced croquet. The Chester team of Mark Lloyd (captain), Jerry Guest, David Guyton and Robin Tasker found themselves facing a strong team from Bowdon which had won the competition in 2019 and were determined to do so again. The doubles game in the morning finished very quickly in Bowdon’s favour followed by the two singles games which went to time but still finished in Bowdon’s favour. Two more singles games in the afternoon also finished quickly in Bowdon’s favour and the remaining two eventually fell to Bowdon giving them an overall  7 – 0 victory. The Bowdon team were clearly well accustomed to their characteristically fast lawns and the Chester team struggled to adjust  from their slower lawns at home. All credit to Bowdon who now go forward to compete against Pendle in the quarter finals to be played before 6 September.