Relaxation of Covid restrictions

We have been reviewing the latest government statements and Croquet Association guidance on relaxing Covid restrictions from Monday, 19 July, and the main points  are as follows:

    • Limits on numbers of people meeting indoors or outdoors are removed though “people should continue to meet others outside when possible”
    • Social distancing no longer required but people should minimise “the number, proximity and duration of social contacts”
    • Face coverings no longer required but the government “expects and recommends” them in crowded and enclosed spaces
    • Restrictions on serving food are removed
    • A strong emphasis on continuing caution and personal responsibility

For the club,  the main implications are:

    • More than six people may be present in the clubhouse
    • Food may be prepared and served subject to high standards of personal hygiene
    • When the clubhouse is in use, it is advisable that the door and windows are open to provide good ventilation
    • Careful cleaning still required for indoor surfaces “that people touch regularly”
    • We continue to recommend use of hand sanitizers when entering the clubhouse
    • Transmission of infection from outdoor surfaces is not significant so cleaning of croquet equipment after use is no longer required
    • Members and visitors should exercise their own prudent judgements with regard to social distancing and wearing face coverings
    • The lawn booking system and recording names in the attendance book continue unchanged
    • Remain alert to coronavirus symptoms and avoid coming to the club if you are affected or have been in contact with other people who are affected

Click here for the latest Croquet Association guidance.