Match reports 14 August 2017

On Wednesday 9th August, the Chester team of David Guyton (captain), Paul Taylor, David Boyd and Michael Miller played against Crake Valley in a rescheduled match in the NW association croquet handicap league. Under patchy skies and on equally patchy lawns the Chester team won the doubles and the two singles games in the morning giving a 3 – 0 lead by lunchtime. However, the Crake team were stronger than implied by the half-time score and, fortified by lunch and increasing familiarity with Chester’s lawns, showed their truer metal in the afternoon with Crake and Chester both winning two of the four singles games. The final result was a useful 5 – 2 win for Chester.

On Saturday 12th the Chester NW golf croquet league team comprising Roger Haigh (captain), Janet Jackson, Chris Thomas and Jill Foley beat Bury South by 10.5 points to 7.5 points, with one match drawn, in a good spirited match on the Chester lawns. Special mention should be made of Jill’s performance in her first match for the club. She played well and the experience will set her in good stead for future club matches.